Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is this thing on? (tap tap)

So I have learned, just in the nick of time, that it's De-Lurking Week. (I think I first saw this on the excellent Metrodad.)
So leave me a comment.

Since you're in the neighborhood, scoot over to my other blog, On The Other Hand, Who Knows What I'll Do? And then you can leave a comment there! And perhaps my desparate neediness will subside, just for a moment, for one blessed moment....




Dawn said...

I frequent this one too. . .UPDATE MORE . . .with pictures of the cutie! BTW, I will wave at you from the air tomorrow. . .I am flying in for the weekend to see my mom. She is undergoing radiation.

Natasha said...

I can't believe his hair is pink or purple yet!

I tried to call you from a payphone while I was stuck in the airport in your area, but the area codes didn't match.