Monday, January 29, 2007


Baby's first snow -barely more than a flurry, but immortalized nonetheless.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lost weekend

I have no bleeding idea how I am still in this house, still married, still employed, still the legal (I just typed 'Klegal', which made me snort with laughter, though misspelled.) legal guardian of an innocent child.

I have no idea how this darling child did not end up in a foundling basket on the steps of some church. Not, um, MY church, of course. Some other church.

The last few days have been rawthur gruesome around here. Today was much better. Thank God.

The darling child had a little virus, which gave him a mild fever, a near-complete loss of appetite, a vile disposition, and, notably, a green gummy discharge coming out of his EYEBALLS. Lots of naps, lots of baths, lots of wiping of various things, lots of night waking.

Lots of crying.

Oh, good Lord, what a lot of crying. And what a lot of hanging around the house, not exposing people at large to gross gummy eye goo.

We had certainly been exposed to the virus, since I had a throbbing head and more than the usual amount of chills. (Pregnancy seems to have broken my internal thermostat, and I am permanantly freezing. My teeth chatter routinely. So when I get the shivers, it takes me a couple days to suspect I might have a fever, by which time it always subsides.)

As I said, today was far better. The eye goo dried up yesterday, under Daddy's loving
care, and today he was energetic, playful, and famished. Still just a little out of sorts. A certain amount of crying. Me, I am back to the normal amount of freezing, and intermittant, minor headache. (My BFF emailed me with an excellent suggestion - I probably should get my blood pressure checked.)

In retrospect - now that he's better and my head hurts less and he's going back to daycare tomorrow morning - I frankly cannot believe what a huge baby I've been about this.

That, in fact, is an insult to babies. (And who do babies have to speak up for them in matters such as these? There's no Baby Anti-defamation League...)

Sorry, digression. What I mean is, is my happiness so fragile that all it takes to crush it is a couple days with a demanding toddler?

Well, apparently.

Friday night, after said toddler was asleep, I had the chance to run out and pick up some groceries. As I buttoned my coat, Eric looked deep into my eyes and said "Just...come back. Okay? Come back? Please?"

And as you can tell, I did. Either this speaks well of me, or else my spirit is finally broken.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is this thing on? (tap tap)

So I have learned, just in the nick of time, that it's De-Lurking Week. (I think I first saw this on the excellent Metrodad.)
So leave me a comment.

Since you're in the neighborhood, scoot over to my other blog, On The Other Hand, Who Knows What I'll Do? And then you can leave a comment there! And perhaps my desparate neediness will subside, just for a moment, for one blessed moment....



Tuesday, January 09, 2007

365 daaaaaays .... seems like an awful loooot...*

from this...

to this, in one year

*lyrics from the birthday song from the daily children's TV show that my brother and I used to watch on WGAL-TV in Lancaster: Percy Platypus and Friends. No lie. Scanty info here. I cannot find the complete lyrics anywhere - everyone on the web seems to remember the same part I do, the bridge and the big finish:

365 days
seems like an awful lot
then, before you know it,
another year is (BANG!) shot!

Have a happy birthday,
whether you're 90 or 2!
We would like to wish a
happy birthday to you!

This song went with a little cartoon featuring, if I remember correctly, deer, and one got shot in a comical way when they sang 'another year is shot'. Like, it came back with a clumsily bandaged antler to sing that last verse.

I have no explanation, except to say - it's Pennsylvania, man.

Portrait of the baby as a Young Man

The World's Cutest Baby is one year old. He is now the World's Cutest Toddler.

Mobility: He's been walking since about nine-and-a-half months, and so by now he's quite accomplished at it. He actually broke into a run the other day. So far, he's not attempting stairs. Thank God.

Picking up and carrying heavy things around the room;
holding things (toys, remote controls) up to his ear as if they are telephone;
trying new foods

Monkeys, Ducks
our cats
flashlights and other things that light up
sticks of all kinds - brooms, wrapping paper tubes.

Favorite joke:
stealing your hat; putting things (socks, books, toys, paper) on his head as if it is a hat.

Favorite music:
he favors things with a strong beat, like dance tracks. (shudder.)

Favorite Foods:
change from day to day. Consistently enamoured of cheese, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, bananas, apples and wheat toast. And butter. (Guess he's my child.) Today, he ate more than half of a gigantic red grapefruit (from which his mother carefully removed the membranes.)

duck and monkey noises, Daddy, uh oh! Hi! and NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!