Tuesday, January 09, 2007

365 daaaaaays .... seems like an awful loooot...*

from this...

to this, in one year

*lyrics from the birthday song from the daily children's TV show that my brother and I used to watch on WGAL-TV in Lancaster: Percy Platypus and Friends. No lie. Scanty info here. I cannot find the complete lyrics anywhere - everyone on the web seems to remember the same part I do, the bridge and the big finish:

365 days
seems like an awful lot
then, before you know it,
another year is (BANG!) shot!

Have a happy birthday,
whether you're 90 or 2!
We would like to wish a
happy birthday to you!

This song went with a little cartoon featuring, if I remember correctly, deer, and one got shot in a comical way when they sang 'another year is shot'. Like, it came back with a clumsily bandaged antler to sing that last verse.

I have no explanation, except to say - it's Pennsylvania, man.


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Reindeer, right? Looked vaguely like Christmas leftovers, buskering for the rest of the year, right? I recently had a flashback of one of those TV morning puppet shows (it might have been WGAL's, or one of the Scranton ones) with whatever puppet was "on stage" (I'm thinking a stereotype clown) imploring the kiddies to go get their mommies so the clown could tell the mommies a whole list of school and event cancellations due to the snowstorm.... and darned if that puppet didn't rattle off "... and such-and-such school district classes are canceled, and so-an-so school classes are canceled, and...." for ten or twenty minutes....... surreal, man.......

LegalBeaglette said...

I've been searching all morning for the lyrics! So glad to find someone else who has the same recollection of this that I do!

Anonymous said...

This has plagued me for decades! I have the most vivid memory of the cartoon & song, but I mis-remembered it as being from Romper Room. I would give a lot to see it again.

elizabeth said...

I remember this song - my favorite happy birthday lyrics ever. Does anyone have a tape of the singing reindeer? Does WGAL have a copy - Percy Platypus and His Friends -

Andy Noel

LegalllyYours said...

Here's the cartoon video performance of the birthday song from Percy Platypus. I'd remembered it all my life, too, and wanted to post it on Facebook for a friend's birthday. Through some Googling and following a trail on Facebook, I found it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrF__B0RuqE&feature=related

I realize you wrote this blog entry back in 2007, so maybe you found this already, but if not, here it is. Let me know that you've read this. Cheers!