Sunday, October 05, 2008

Everyone's a critic.

me: Come on, get in the car, sweetie.

him: NO! I don’t want to ride in your car! I want to ride in Daddy’s car!

me: Sorry, dude, not today. Hop in.

him: I don’t want your car! Mommy’s car is SCARY!

me: Scary? (wtf?) What could possibly be scary about mommy’s car?

him: All the bad songs.


OddAngelCharon said...

Ouch. Little Noodles is growing quite entertainingly opinionated isn't he?

Hugs all around!

Stacie said...

Off to check my play-list before the drive to Grandma's tomorrow....

(I feel ya' sister.)

Katy said...

hahaha!!! Mine likes to listen to ONLY Iron Maiden or Britney Spears. At least Conner and I are both covered, musically speaking.