Thursday, September 07, 2006

oh no, not another crappy selfportait

7 mo, originally uploaded by funky fat girl.

This is a picture of two people after one long night. It's several weeks old, but I post it because we've been having some long, long nights lately.

The Dude has decided that sleeping at night is for chumps.

If it was, say, April or May, and we were USED to being up all night, this would not even merit a flinch. But he's been sleeping for 9-hour stretches all summer, and we have lost our edge. We've become soft.

I'm not REALLY going to drive myself into a bridge abuttment. I mean, in all likelihood.

He had a little fever this afternoon. If that comes back, or if he has another crap night, we're heading to the dr in the morning. (Again, like with the sleep, this would not even garner a shrug from most parents, but he's been in such perfect health for...his whole life! that I'm pretty freaked out about a (tiny, marginal) fever.

If, however, he has a good night (one waking or, dare I imagine, LESS) he's going to spend some time at a friend's, and I'm spending the day napping and reading the new Vogue.

So please - think good thoughts. Sleepy, fluffy cool thoughts


Dianne said...

Oh, Betsy, I'm so sorry that you're facing sleep issues again. Sleep deprivation, especially at the hands of one so little that you should just be able to say (or yell) "Go to SLEEP! You'll feel BETTER!" and they do it, is so, so frustrating.

I hope you all had a good night's sleep but, if not, that you're able to enjoy (and be grateful for :-) a day with your son at a friend's house. If that is the case, enjoy your napping and reading of Vogue.

And I loved the Tommy Boy reference, intentional or not :-)

PaigeTurner said...

You have that deer caught in the headlights look...I'm sure, no, make that ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE, that's what I looked like for most of Katie's first 3 years. I lived thru it and you will, too. Try to enjoy and appreciate Ian's little-ness and adorable-ness, even though you're feeling like a dead thing. Repeat to self: "They're only babies for a little while!" (Repeat as necessary)