Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nine in, nine out

Or: The Return of Doctor Bellows

So he's 9 month old, as of Friday. And he really is more charming, more engaging, funnier and sweeter pretty much by the day. Yes, I said funnier. I don't know if this is developmentally possible, but I swear he has a real sense of humor.

That toothless smile that people used to rave about is gone - he's got 6 teeth, and is working at least one more. He cruises like a madman, and will carefully let go and take a step or two before pitching over. He got over his ear infection very fast (thank God) and is back to sleeping through the night and then some. His hair's getting thicker and blonder, and in the right light, you can even see his eyebrows! His eyes have moved from kinda hazel to medium brown (like his dad's) with a navy blue ring around the outside.

When I look at new babies, I can imagine he was ever that small, or that inactive. (For the record, try to look like you're interested, he's over 20 lbs and over 27 inches tall.) I know this sounds ridiculous, but he's so grown up!

Adorable, funny, grown up - and really well-developed lungs, have I mentioned that? Wow, can this kid yell. Lots of yelling this weekend. Lots and lots. I attribute this to the fact that he had a couple of vaccinations on Friday, which in the past have tended to make him crabby and out-of-sorts, I think because his legs get sore at the injection site. So it was a weekend of crying, screaming, of begging to be picked up and then wrestling out of our arms. Sigh.

It's all you can do, I guess - sigh, and give him as many cuddles as he'll sit still for.

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