Thursday, April 16, 2009

I promised that, the next time we had a cork to screw, I'd show him how it worked.

Ian is obsessed with the corkscrew.

He was being Mr. Crabass this afternoon, and I suggested a picnic to jolly him up. We ended up sitting on a blanket the deck, eating grapes, cheese, and Girl Scout cookies, helping dinosaurs climb the Eiffel Tower. It was quite relaxing.

I opened some sparkling apple juice (Ian wanted soda, which was not going to happen, but this compromise allowed me to sit around under the beautiful blue sky and gaze at buds and hold a wineglass and kind of kid myself that I was drinking wine.)

But we needed a bottle opener to open the cap on the apple juice, and the first one I could find was on the big corkscrew. Which looks like a person, and airplane, and, not surprisingly, a dinosaur.

No preschoolers or Mommies were harmed in the eating of the picnic.

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