Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baby, if you're a sickness, I don' need no cure.

Husband (squinting at the one and only print that our accursed printer has been able to eeek out): We can't send this.

Me: Why?

Husband: People will think he has something.

Me: ?

Husband: With that hat. Covering all his hair. People will think he has cancer or something.

Me: Well, yeah! Something! Something like f-ing awesome taste in hats!!


Jane said...

My first thought upon seeing the hat was "Hmm, looks like Betsy colors - she must have made that one." My second thought was, "No way will he be wearing those colors when he's about 8." Treasure this time when you can freely dress Ian in fluorescents!

Dawn said...

ummm . . .someone tell Dad that there is SNOW on the ground. . .so we will think its COLD, not that he is sick.