Thursday, November 29, 2007

hooray for me - I finally took MANY gigs of photos off my laptop, which meant that I could finally remove the 412 files (half of which were unrepenant crap) from my camera.

This means:
I have spent part of the evening reminiscing over the year (since the pictures dated back to June) and marveling over how much my child has changed in just 5 months

I am considering getting my eyes checked (I SWEAR they all looked focused when I took them)

I want to buy soundtrack music for my home movies (Bubbly)

I have to buy more photo frames, or perhaps a house with more walls

I STILL don't know why Kodak software maintains thumbnails for deleted ormaged files. It's driving me insane.

I have no idea where my child got his moviestar looks. I mean, his father is handsome, but in a totally different way - the suave and debonair/tall dark and handsome way. The kid looks like Christopher Robin.


Mushbigdog said...

Isn't it amazing the work that digital cameras have created for those of us fortunate to have them...Now if you don't have a digital camcorder that's really fun...endles editing of hours and hours of stuff that seemed interesting at the time....

Stacie said...

Shepherd's Christopher Robins is, indeed, adorable. So is Ian.