Sunday, March 18, 2007

eye of the tiger, baby.

Okay, so this life - this Rubik's Cube of a life that I'm working - isn't working.

Or it's working, intermittently. Sometimes it's great. Frequently. It's frequently great. Fun, stimulating, manageable. I'm pleased to report good things - we're getting the sleep we need, I've been meeting my goals at the gym and eating much better. I wore some pants the other day that haven't fit since 2004.

Other times, it takes a ridiculously high percentage of my energy to just keep it together. To stay caught up - and I mean, sometimes, just barely caught up - at work; to be minimally civil to the man I love; to keep the little darling warm and fed and not hurling himself out into traffic. The fight for clean underwear could be lost at any moment.

My best friend, like many of my friends, started down this 'motherhood' road many years before I did - her daughter is a teenager now. Her advice has been 'lower your standards'.

To which I reply - excuse me, have you met me? Have you seen our house? Exactly how much lower are my standards going to go?

I have work to do - I took the day off from church, but I have a draft plan that needs typing up -but here I am, blogging, watching Cold Case, which I don't even like that much.


Jeff said...

the basic standard has 3 parts, make it to the end of the day, my kid didn't kill anyone, and I didn't kill my kid... you don't face part 2 for a few more years yet. BTW, the funniest part of your your profile...."Industry: Religion". that just gives the cynic in me the giggles. Jeff L father of practice baby... adult Ryan.

blair said...

What I wouldn't give to have all the colors in my cube lined up at one time! If life could be so balanced! There is probably some cosmic ramification if it ever did, who knows. And it probably wouldn't be as satisfying as we might think.

Thanks for sharing the analogy. I found the visual comforting. Of course I would be tempted to peel off all the stickers...;-)