Friday, February 09, 2007


i am aware that this is not a great photo. It's blurry. But it truly captures the feeling of shoe shopping with a one-year-old.

I was laughing so hard that I did not have the phyical strength the get up from my spot (LYING ON MY BACK ON THE FLOOR of the shoe aisle, gasping for breath) to chase him.

You may have to look at the photo a time or two before you notice a pertinatt detail:

he's not wearing any pants.
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Natasha said...

Hey, that's the first thing I noticed about the picture. Wasn't he cold?

Betsy said...

well, no. He was exerting a lot of energy, what with the running and squealing with delight and all.

It's a pretty special memory, actually - I know it sounds like a nightmare of disobedience and public humiliation, but it was kind of perfect. I'm actually glad I took pictures (instead of acting like a responsible parent.)