Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Laura 'throws another one on the pile'.

A quick note from the office to point out this - Laura from Runway had a boy, named Finn (a name which was on my boy name list, in fact, but never broke the top 3.)

I must say that I disliked Laura a great deal on Project Runway - it's easy to dislike Laura, with her patronizing attitude and her perfect ponytail and her spine-crushing, bone-chilling 'good taste'. (I prefered Kayne, and his ridiculously generous, lavish 'bad taste'.)

That is, I disliked her UNTIL she said an outrageous and flippant, even rude thing to her own mother. Completely counter-intuitive, I know.

Laura's mother was on the show, expressing shock and disapproval that Laura, at 43, had gone and gotten herself pregnant with her 6th child. You could see how a Manhatten loft full (and I do mean full) of screaming rug rats might not fit her class-concious dream for her very sophisticated architect daughter's life. Like, there might be a few too many already -and now this!

Really, she was just mortified. And on national TV. (I mean, it's only Bravo, but still. A few people do watch.)

And Laura sighed and rolled her eyesand said something to the effect of "Oh, Mother, it'll be fine. I'll just throw another one on the pile."

And suddenly I loved her.

Go, Laura! God bless the pile.

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