Monday, August 14, 2006

Best Idea Ever!!!

If you were around during my pregnancy, or read the old Life With Sticky lj,[which incidentally is still around, if you'd like to kill an hour or so, and to know more about My Bidness than my husband does] know that I had a ridiculously happy pregnancy. I must admit that I had moments of anxiety, what I imagine to be the average amount of anxiety for a woman of Very Very Advanced Maternal Age. Who's fat.

In the interest of controlling my anxiety (I know myself) I read very little about pregnancy on the internet, confining my research mostly to the comforting, slightly outdated worn hardback books from the public library.

So Sarah, the very excellent creator of Going Jesus and now the pregnancy blog Going Parental, has many of the best ideas on the web.

Here's one.

and here's another.

But it was this one that really grabbed me. PLEASE click.

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